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Forms & Information

(level 5 and below)
Please ensure the form is completed and e-mail it, to the within 24 hours of match completion.

This is a guide to assist referees on how to complete the disciplinary forms, but please contact the if you require further assistance.

Travel Expenses Form
For more details on the expenses please visit the Plymouth Rugby Referees' society page

Please ensure to send the completed form to within 24hours and e-mail it to the .

It is advised that:
'Following a reportable injury, the referee should also complete Referee Injury Event Form'

E-mail a copy to the . and ensure you retain a copy. Any queries / question please do not hesitate to contact the PRRS Secretary or a committee member for assistance.

Please visit the webpage form more details on this.

League, Cups & Competitions information

For all the latest League, Cups & Competitions rules and regulations visit the Laegue & Competitions page.

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All information correct up to the beginning of the 2019-20 season, September 2019 - Please contact us if any of the information contained in this page/website is incorrect or requires updating.