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Plymouth Rugby Referees' Society

Meetings & Appointments

The Society meets on the second Monday of every month (August – May) and we WELCOME any visitors and actively encourage COACHES and PLAYERS or for that matter anybody interested in rugby to come along and take part in what is normally a lively and open evening.

Never know you might learn something from one of these visits about how we as referees operate and the reasons why certain decisions are made on the park.

Next Meeting

The 2023/24 Season has now come to a close. Look forward to seeing you all the following season.

We will let you know when the next meeting is.

Devonport Services RFC,
The Rectory, Plymouth, PL1 5QE.
Contact Devonports Services RFC / Map.


All referees appoints are provided through ‘Who’s The Ref’ system, please contact your referee via this system. To request a referee(s) for a game / event, please contact our appointments secretary.

A gathering of several PRRS referees' for a cup match

You can also keep an eye out on our social networks. Facebook & Twitter for up and coming meeting details and other events.